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Bird Boxes for Henfield Bird Watch project

We’re really proud to have been commissioned to produce a trial batch of bird nesting boxes just in time for the nesting season. These will be to several different species-specific designs, mostly to do with the size of the hole! Henfield Bird Watch will monitor them for this season and hopefully come back to us for more, with any modifications necessary to be incorporated in a future batch. We delivered in time for the nesting season.

The purpose of The Henfield Shed is to provide a place in the community where people can get together to pursue practical individual or community interests, share resources and skill-share (such as woodwork, metalwork and making or mending a range of items), in an informal friendly environment.

The aim of the Shed is to develop a place where members can achieve, and share skills, and provides social interaction in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our first workshop opened in October 2017. During our first year we successfully made and repaired a variety of items.  We took part in the Village Gardens and Arts weekend, a number of other community activities and organised a members' day out to  Amberley Museum.  Although that first year was a great success, we always knew that we needed to find another home.

In October 2018, we were offered a new location by Rita Prodger, proprietor of Southdown Galleries in the High Street to take the Shed to the next level and after a successful move just around the corner, we opened our doors once again.

The Henfield Shed opened its current workshop on 1st January 2019. As in our previous home, the focus of our output was completing projects for individuals and for the community.  These ranged from small repairs of household items through to more ambitious projects like making owl boxes, re-upholstering furniture and other more complex projects. We also participated in village events such as the Gardens and Arts Festival, the Henfield Summer Fayre, the Henfield Charities Fayre and the Spirit of Christmas shopping event.

During the last year, The Henfield Shed assisted other charities and community organisations in Henfield. Examples include the Girl Guides, St Michael's Church, Henfield Haven, the Library, the Free Church, the Bird Watch Group and more recently, Sustainable Henfield 2030 with their efforts.

Unfortunately in 2020 and the early part of 2021 the Shed has not been able to be as productive as in previous years as a result of the COVID 19 Pandemic. We have opened when we have been able to and we have completed multiple jobs for many people in the community when able.  

Examples of our work and the projects we have undertaken are shown in the pictures…

An antique table repair

A rather distressed occasional table was brought in to the shed the other day. Sadly the table had taken a tumble had suffered somewhat. We were asked if there was anything we could do to recover the situation, and one of our members with the appropriate skills (Gerry) was prepared to do his best. As you can see from the accompanying photographs his best was very good indeed, and the table has been united with its delighted owner on his 90th birthday! (The owner not the table)

Henfield Gardens and Arts Festival Sign

A request came in to make a new sign board to pin notices up for Gardens and Arts and two of our members have made the sign - you’ll see it outside Jeremy’s in the High Street from late April until the festival is over. Lots of useful info on there so have a look!

A local resident commissioned a planter for her mother’s 104th birthday, to a specific design - yes it IS a planter with space for 3 or 4 pots, though designed to sit on the ground. We were pleased with how this looks and repeated it, as it was the RAF’s centenary year.

Our latest venture into producing, inspired by our successful creation of a WWI biplane-planter hybrid, was to produce another ten of these to display as part of the Gardens and Arts festival. These were sponsored by Red Oaks and were on display in their garden, some hung from trees…

To the left are a few pictures of them in preparation and on their way to Red Oaks.

Meanwhile back at the ranch our tool sale was in full swing, and we had many visitors who were also buying some bird boxes, planters and other items we’d made, or ordering new ones.  

Woodturning demonstrations went on all day and drew constant visitors (very well done and thank you to Gerry!)  

Lastly some final shots of the planters at Red Oaks resplendent with their contents!

…and we mustn’t forget the successful completion of the ‘Bug Box’ project, and the sale, again with demonstrations, at the ‘Great Get Together’…

Our very busy June was in preparation for, and then participating in two of Henfield’s major ‘open’ events.  On Saturday 9th June we were open all day from 11am for demonstrations and sale of some of our products. We also had our first and very successful sale of surplus tools.

We also had a busy day on Saturday 23rd June ‘Great Get Together’ with the shed open again for demonstrations, and welcomed many more new friends, and sold more products.

The signs designed and made by our members for the Henfield Memorial Field celebrations are complete and delivered early in September.

We won the prize for ‘Most Creative Tree’ - again!

Christmas Tree Festival 2018

The Henfield Shed was represented in the Henfield Evangelical Church Christmas tree Festival on 7th December. Our lignum gurus won the prize for the ‘Most Creative Tree’ for the second year running and we are very proud of them, and the extra attention it brought to The Henfield Shed. The tree was auctioned off at the end of the competition and the resulting £70 added to the Church’s chosen charity, Tearfund (tearfund.org).

In June 2019 members of The Henfield Shed built a rocket to help the library's efforts to launch their Space Chase for the 20th year of the Summer Reading Challenge.

Children of all ages were being encouraged to read and the library staff went to enormous lengths to make it fun. To help them, the shedders built a rocket which can be used as a useful prop for lots of different activities. We landed the rocket in the library on Wednesday.

Sallyanne and Shirley at the library were thrilled. They both enthused " we are truly delighted with the rocket - it is a great addition to our Summer Reading Challenge at the Library. The children will absolutely love having their photos taken with it. Thank you so much to all the Henfield Shedders!"

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