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Our larger or corporate sponsors have been kind enough to help us with significant sums of money from our very early days. These have often been for specific ‘big spends’ which we needed to get going, or keep us moving, at a critical time. Included in these have been specific sums for insulation (our shed was very cold!) special flooring, our first year’s insurance, a collapsible table and chairs, security, storage containers, specific tools, wood for our construction projects… and so on.  Without these amounts we simply could not have got going anything like as quickly, and we are profoundly grateful to them all.  

Donors and Supporters are of great importance to us…

…or “How you help us to help our community”

Pat Price contacted us and donated the contents of her late husband’s shed. Edward ‘Nick’ Price’s power tools were essential on our first ‘Bird Box’ project and all subsequent ones. All of the tools donated will be put to a great deal of use over the coming months and years.  A big ‘Thank You’ from all of us in The Henfield Shed!

(Picture right)

"Donating the contents of his beloved shed was a special and enduring way to give something back to the Henfield community."

From the Price family.

Our next group of donors have helped us with donations of ‘services’ for want of a better word. We would never have got going so quickly without the generous offer from Fiona, owner of Stokes Newsagents in Henfield, who allowed us total use of the garage behind the shop as our first ‘shed’.

We have also received assistance from suppliers offering trade prices for the materials we use, as well as free materials which might have gone to waste.

Possibly the largest group of donors has been that of local ‘pickups’ of tools and materials. Sometimes these are simply surplus after a ‘project’, or might be older tools replaced by something more modern, but sadly also occasionally from someone whose partner has passed away or who can no longer use them.

We’d be very grateful for any donations of tools and equipment, large or small, in any condition really. We’ll collect of course, by arrangement from local addresses…

The only proviso is that although we’d like to use everything, we may well end up with duplicate tools we can’t use. We like to refurbish these and sell them to provide funds for the shed at one of our occasional ‘tool sales’ outside the shed.  This appears to provide another service to the community, in that tools that would otherwise have languished for years in dusty drawers have now found a new lease of life with new owners at very reasonable prices, and provided us with much needed funds. As long as this is acceptable please click here to contact us by email, or use the ‘Contact Us’ page in the menu above.

One family who contacted us were happy to tell their story, and we are pleased to do so below….